New typeface: Nekst

A stern geometric family by Denis Serebryakov, combining futuristic feel with vintage details

July 20, 2020

Nekst looks like a regular geometric sans, coarse and simple, as if made of metal tubes. The first impression, though, may be misleading: the many alternate glyphs turn a most usual typeset into something unexpected and eccentric, bringing a strong futuristic taste with some hints of old-time grotesques to the austere and modern image. Seven weights, from Thin to Black and variable font.

Denis Serebryakov is a Minsk-based type and graphic designer. See his other works: Displace 2.0 and Displace Serif on, and Epos, in the Tomorrow collection.

Check out Nekst here

nekst_tt_002 nekst_tt_003 nekst_tt_004 nekst_tt_005 nekst_tt_006 nekst_tt_007 nekst_tt_008


Check out Nekst here

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