Meet-ups for typographers

Here’s a number of meetings for type designers to share their practices, ask their more experienced colleagues questions or get some feedback on a project they are currently working on

March 29, 2024

Letterspace Amsterdam

Where: Amsterdam
How often: once a month
Tickets: free

Each month designers Jolana Sýkorová, Sabina Kipară, and Edgar Walthert invite type designers, developers, and researchers whose projects they regard as experimental to their studio. Letterspace’ goal is to challenge stereotypes in type design — and about type design — and to explore type happening in today’s Amsterdam.

Letterspace lectures are open to the public and free. You can sign up to a monthly newsletter or subscribe to the studio’s Instagram As some members of our team are living in Russia we have to follow the Russian law. According to the law, every time we post links to Instagram or Facebook we have to mention the fact that these socials belong to Meta, which was recognized as extremist by the Ministry of Justice if the Russian Federation account to follow their updates.

Zeeburg Type Foundry Letterspace Amsterdam lecture announcement, 2024

Hansje van Halem нLetterspace Amsterdam lecture announcement, 2024

Typo Circle

Where: London
How often: every six weeks
Tickets: £0–23

The Typographic Circle is a non-profit organisation that has been running various kinds of type- and typography-related events since 1976. Once a month they invite a designer to talk about their relationship with type. But Typo Circle’s guests are not just typographers — for instance, Stefan Sagmeister delivered a talk at one of their previous meet-ups.

The project’s team strives to make all their events free and available, but once in a while they have to sell tickets — to cover their venue rental costs, for example. The organisation announces the upcoming lectures on their Twitter, in a newsletter, and on EventBrite.

Posters by ault49, from the sudio’s Typo Circle talk announcement, 2023

Shibuya Font created by people with disabilities from Shibuya. Presented at Typo Circle, 2022

Letter luvers

Where: Bristol
How often: every two months
Tickets: free

Letter Luvvers is a meet-up group in Bristol welcoming anyone who loves letters: typographers, type designers, calligraphers, tattoo artists, writers. The networking meet-ups happen every two months — kicking off with two artist talks followed by some discussion and socialising. The meetings are free, yet the organisers ask anyone wishing to participate to sign up in advance so that they can calculate the amount of food and drinks necessary for the upcoming event.

Logos by Joshua James, presented at Letter luvers, 2024

Rig Shaped by Jamie ClarkeД, presented at Letter luvers, 2023


Where: Munich, online
How often: every two months
Tickets: €0–9

The TGM society (Typo­gra­phische Gesell­schaft München, which is Munich Typographic Society) was founded 130 years ago, and back in the 1890s it was some kind of a cooperative association for typesetters and printers. It now bills itself as an interdisciplinary platform where designers from various fields can discuss their concerns and even receive additional (type) training. TGM lectures and gatherings take place several times a month, offline and online. One can follow the schedule of their activities on the project’s website or social media.

Lectures are free for the members of the society, and there are discounts for students.

Franizi Sessler TGM talk announcement, 2024


Where: New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Florence, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Bogota, Berlin, London, Bucharest, Mexico City
How often: once a month
Tickets: €0–50

TypeThursday is a global project initiated by designer Thomas Jockin. Designers, typographers, and design marketing specialists gather together once a month to share their in-progress projects and get feedback. TypeThursdays are held worldwide, from Bucharest to New York. If you live in a city which has not hosted the event yet, you can write at the project’s email and they will help you arrange a first meet-up. Ticket prices vary in different countries and cities, set by the meetup organisers depending on whether they need to rent a venue and order drinks or not.

TypeThursday Yerevan event poster, 2023

From an announcement of a TypeThursday event in Milan, 2023

Type Tuesday

Where: London
How often: once a month
Tickets: £8,5–16

Type Tuesday are monthly meet-ups at St Bride Library curated by the editorial team of the Eye Magazine. The events might address not just typography, but also, for example, an issue of how reputation works in modern design and ethical challenges in AI training. You should consider buying the tickets early online, as it will cost you more to buy at the library on the day of a meet-up.

An Emotional Map of Britain, GraphicDesign&, presented at Type Tuesday, 2020

Designs by Peter Saville, from his Type Tuesday talk, 2024


Where: Weimar, Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg, Rhine-Ruhr, Berlin, Zurich, Basel, Antwerp, Vancouver
How often: once a month
Tickets: free

Typostammtisch is a kind of round table discussion held on every 3d Thursday of the month in different countries and cities. Designers discuss projects they’re currently working on and share their most recent insights at these gatherings. Typostammtisch events are organised in the offices of their friend studios, — for example, in Berlin it’s Luc(as) Fonts. You can learn about the upcoming meet-ups on the community’s social media or by signing up to their newsletter.

Cortese by Mark van Leeuwen, presented at Typostammtisch Berlin, 2024