Rooftop in use: Manychat

A font designed for startups feels great within an identity of a mature business project

November 7, 2023

A year ago COLLINS design studio rebranded the Manychat marketing agency. They commissioned a customised version of Gravity typeface from ABC Dinamo foundry to use in their headlines and banners, chose CoFo Sans Mono by Contrast Foundry for subheadings, and opted for Rooftop by Interval Type for body text.

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Rooftop with its squared ovals and brutal design is a reflection on what happens if you place American humanist grotesques of the 20th century into the context of tech startups of the 21th. The collection features 16 styles (eight weight options, each equipped with italics).

The typeface works great in any size on displays, printed, and even in code (since the collection is also fitted with a monospaced font).

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