Druk in use: Local Kitchen

A magazine font in the world of food tech startups

September 6, 2022

Local Kitchen is a Moscow service that prepares and delivers home-cooked meals within 30 minutes. The project used just one typeface, Inter, from 2017 to 2020, but two years ago they also added Druk Wide to their webpage and social media.

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A year later, Local Kitchen introduced a non-alcoholic beer, and today Druk can be seen on the beer cans as well.

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Druk by Berton Hasebe first appeared on the Bloomberg Businessweek cover in 2014. It was conceived as a collection of the opposites which included very narrow, very wide and very heavy styles (from Medium to Super). The collection doesn’t feature regular width styles and there are no styles thinner than semibold. Three widths work great together in headlines, while text options are a good fit for use at very small sizes.

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