Vesterbro in use: Like a bird

A buckwheat packaging by Otvetdesign agency that has been shortlisted for the Pentawards

July 19, 2022

‘Like a bird’ is a line of green buckwheat, wild rice and quinoa in a very small packaging that makes you think of a bird, winner of Red Dot Design Awards, Sreda and White Square fests. The looks and the colour of a bird drawn on the packaging change depending on a product, yet the typographic solution — yellow Vesterbro Poster in the title coupled with white Vesterbro Light in captions — is always the same.


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Vesterbro is a serif typeface by Black[Foundry] that combines characteristics of the Garaldes and the Scotch Roman serifs, with calligraphic strokes in certain characters. Vesterbro comes in six weights: five text styles (ranging from Light to Extrabold) and a more distinctive, large-size Poster.

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