Licensing: update

From now on, tomorrow’s typefaces are to be distributed under a different kind of license

April 1, 2024

Both our storefronts will now use the same kind of license, effective today. Tomorrow’s fonts will be distributed using the same model as today’s fonts, which is Desktop/Web/App. The Desktop License is designed for installing a font on a computer to work with graphics and documents, the Web License permits you to use it in a website layout, and the App License covers the use in an app interface.

If you have already purchased any tomorrow’s fonts, you can still use them on the previous terms. You can access the old license text in the My fonts section in your Profile.

You can test tomorrow’s fonts the way you did before. The Trial license for trial is valid for two days and allows you to check out a font file.

If you need to upgrade your license for a tomorrow’s typeface bought before April 1st, add all the styles you want to your cart and choose the license parameters. The Cart will automatically calculate the upgrade cost.

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