Designers writing the letter to type Santa Claus

We asked graphic, product, web designers what would they ask from Santa Claus if he designed typefaces

January 14, 2022


  • Pavel Kedich
  • Design director with Argyle, Readymag ambassador

I would ask Santa to give us a super-family. Suisse and Freight are nice examples. They are even too much, maybe. I would easily get by Suisse Int’l and Works or Freight Sans and Text (a grotesque with regular proportions and a serif to pair it). I don’t need variability. I only wish that Santa Claus would be patient enough to finalise the typefaces with nice details (small caps, circled numbers, middle dots of various weights, etc.)
If Santa and his elves in charge of mastering will check how the typeface works in any possible Figmas, it would be awesome! I mean, Kris Sowersby designed great Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif, but it hurts you to use them as a pair on the Web. The height of the serif and sans serif characters (the same font size) is considerably different.


  • ANKB
  • (Kirill Blagodatskikh, Anna Naumova)

We would ask him for Bradford Cyrillic. We will definitely not use it, but it would be a great gift for all the Cyrillic designers.

4 Bradford typeface by Lineto


  • Holystick
  • (Mila Silenina, Yana Etkina, Yulia Kondratyeva)

At Holystick, we love telling everyone whom we work with and whom we teach why it is important to choose and buy fonts thoughtfully and when informed. And we want the licensing to become even clearer.
We enjoy each time we see a type designer implement their daring idea. And make those never-seen-before typefaces we were scared to imagine see the light: alien-typefaces, cat-typefaces, invisible typefaces.

Magic Unicorn typeface, by Arthur Reinders Folmer


2021 was very eventful in terms of news and releases. I like to learn about authors, their personal approach, specific tricks and techniques. For example, on Sundays CSTM Fonts shares the process of working on a font live, and ABC Dinamo have a page The Dinamo Update on their website where the studio shares news, discoveries, updates, sales statistics. And I feel it is important to educate designers: licensing, technologies, typography, etc. It is also important to help designers as much as we can to promote quality chargeable typefaces, specimens, trial versions, educational events and presentations. Things like that help a lot. And finally I wish that all graphic editors support variable fonts in 2022.

5The Dinamo Update


I would ask type Santa for a contemporary typeface with extended glyph set supporting Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic, which would remind of Akzidenz-Grotesk in terms of design and proportions.


It would be great to have a place where you can choose Cyrillic pairs. Or to have a randomizer where you insert certain criteria, and the AI offers you some fresh typefaces, and then you can buy those ‘two for one’. So far the AI is not capable of fully covering the creative tasks, but it could easily be in charge of some things, making life easier for designers.

6 Fontbrief, a service advising fonts according to sensational parameters


Dear Santa! We really lack open trials of great typefaces! We understand that in most cases you can directly request a typeface you need and try it for your project, but it takes extra design time (that we need so much) and complicates the entire process! Clearly, we understand that in our magic country open trials are a dangerous path, but perhaps there is a way to control free distribution.
We would also like to have a clearer calculation of license pricing for companies and projects of different sizes! A client often asks us how much a final license will cost, and we can’t give them a prompt response! Before that we often need to carry out a long process of agreeing on a specific typeface, and the final price makes it impossible to give a positive answer, it really does complicate our design process which is already not simple enough.

10 Full versions of all the Pangram Pangram typefaces are available for personal use for $29


  • Anna Tolchinskaya
  • Art director with Tuman Studio

Dear Santa! I think you must know that type is the key tool when it comes to creating identities. The characteristics of a typeface help us create the image we need even on a micro level. We dream of seeing all the alternatives you’ve been working on, and more diversity in glyphs, even if those will only be geometric shapes. We would like to have a typeface which would be both powerful and friendly, both precise and very free. There are still not many typefaces like that in Cyrillic. So it happens like that: you have bought a new Nike design created in the most unusual collab and put it on for a party, and then we have this problem: ‘Who wore it best?’
In this regard, we are really impressed by a new mega family from Grilli Type GT Ultra. We have never seen that much variability and that many possibilities. A variety of different relatives exist here in an ideal balance, and they have the coolest relationships, one doesn’t even need to look for a type pair. They share the same genes and the same skeleton, but have very different personalities. We dream of a tool like that in Cyrillic! We really count on you, you have super knowledge that we can only compare to launching space rockets, and we understand how valuable and important your work is!

12 GT Ultra by Grilli Type