Austin and Druk in use:

Music, interdisciplinary research, and magazine typefaces

February 2, 2023

Artists Katya Shirshkova and Yury Kuznetsov teamed up in 2020 to make experimental music, put on performances, create sound art and audio-visual installations. In 2022, they put together a website/portfolio where headlines are set in Druk Commercial Type and Austin designed by the same studio is utilised for genre tags.

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Austin is a typeface in the English and Scottish tradition designed by Paul Barnes for the Hearst Magazines publisher. The font loosely refers to the typefaces cut by punchcutter Richard Austin, but it looks way more expressive than its prototypes due to narrow characters and stronger contrast. The Cyrillic version was designed by Ilya Ruderman (CSTM Fonts).


Druk is a sans serif font designed by Berton Hasebe for Bloomberg Businessweek. It was conceived as a collection of opposites which includes extremely narrow, extremely wide and extremely heavy styles (ranging from Medium to Super). However, the family doesn’t feature any regular widths and anything narrower than semi-bold. The Cyrillic Druk was designed at CSTM Fonts.

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