Loos in use: ქინძმარაული

Loos Georgian + Loos Latin + Ara Oms + Georgian wine

December 27, 2022

Dadi wine bar works with small Georgian wineries and regularly expands their wine list. New Kinzmarauli label features narrow Loos by CSTM Fonts in English and Georgian, display Ara Oms (designed by anonymous authors to support Ukrainian refugees in Georgian), and illustration by Daria Rychkova.

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Loos is a closed-aperture sans serif with a vast amount of styles ranging from Compressed to Extended, from Thin to Black. The idea behind the typeface grew out of Daria Yarzhambek and Yury Ostromentsky’s design of the book ‘Why a Man Should be Well-Dressed: Appearances Can be Revealing’ by Adolf Loos. The two also designed the Dadi Wines label.

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