Dusseldot in use: Is This Just a Myth

On the boundaries of reality and readability

March 16, 2023

Artists Nela Britaňáková, Jiří Kovanda, Katarína Hládeková, Štěpán Brož, Dominik Adamec, Lenka Bakeš, Ladislav Kyll and photographer Jan Hromádko went to the woods and made six stories on the boundary between human and natural and the boundary between reality and virtuality.

The stories are showcased in an online gallery created by designers Yana Korzhova and Ilya Bazhanov who is the author of Dusseldot typeface, a customised version of which is in charge of the website’s display typography.

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Dusseldot  is a gradation between three phases. One of those is a font as we normally see it, while the two others are abstract forms which represent a movement of a person walking through Düsseldorf, recorded through GPS tracking. Variable format allows to create deformed glyphs, fixing movement between phases in any point. Dusseldot supports most European languages and Cyrillic.

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