New typeface: Juneau

The extraordinary usual geometric sans serif by Philipp Neumeyer

May 21, 2024

Juneau is geometric but dynamic, constructed but grotesque, friendly but serious, modern but also very classy. In short, Juneau is a lovely oxymoron, an ambivalent, ever reliable partner in crime.

The typeface’s architecture lives off a mix of circular rounds inspired by old metal grotesques like Miller & Richard Grotesques, economic proportions and wide spread diagonals. The result feels dynamic and modern but not too timely.

Whether it’s for French cook books, bike manufacturer annual reports, chemical compounds, luxury skin care packaging, concrete-based architectural guides, philosophy book footnotes or editorial design, Juneau is an eager workhorse. Together, the wide range of weights from Thin to Black, its powerful mid-range weights that serve perfectly well for text, the extreme styles that deserve to be set in big and proud sizes and the accompanying Italics grant every imaginable wish. The design of Juneau’s Italics relies on the structure of the sturdy Upright with a shallow 11,98°-angle and a rotated twist. This approach distinguishes the two while ensuring perfect integration.

Juneau is packed with a quiver of arrows and features stylistic alternates, case-sensitive punctuation, multiple sets of figures and small caps.

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Buy Juneau
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Juneau’s author — Philipp Neumeyer — graduated from the TypeMedia course at KABK, collaborated with LucasFonts and Playtype, and is now creating custom and retail typefaces as an independent type designer. Philipp is the author of Elma, Ottessa, Norbert and Yuni Slab from our storefront. While working on Juneau Philipp was consulted by Daria Cohen, author of Zloy.

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