Tomorrow’s new typeface: Halunke

Sharp like your razor, ripply like your migraine, a glitchy display scoundrel by Elena Schneider

November 26, 2020

What looks like the aura of your migraine actually started out when experimenting with geometrical Arabic pattern designs. Halunke (German for scoundrel) is an expressive display typeface with no curves.

With its sharp cuts and straight lines, it’s pushing the boundaries of letter shapes and challenges the reader. Halunke makes no compromises and leaves a lasting and very unique impression.

The Tomorrow release includes the upright style of Halunke with Cyrillic glyph set, which was not available in previous versions. Cyrillics for the italic style are planned for release in 2021.

Elena Schneider is an independent type designer from Germany. She lives with her family in Húsavík, Iceland.

After studying visual communication in the university of applied sciences in Dortmund, she co-founded the design studio Radau. Her fascination with typography and letterforms led her to move to Reading GBR and her MA in type design.

Elena designs logos, retail and custom fonts. She is a visiting lecturer at HBKSaar and LHÍ Reykjavík, and a mentor at Alphabettes, a network to support and promote women in the type industry.

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Buy Halunke
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