New typeface: Guardian

A serif for the most famous daily paper (but not only that!)

January 23, 2024

What happens when you try to make a new sans serif by chopping the slabs off of an egyptian? That was the original inspiration behind this modern classic designed for the Guardian newspaper. Comprised of four interrelated families: an Egyptian for headlines; a Text Egyptian; a Sans for headlines in 4 widths; and a Text Sans, every possible typographic need of a daily paper is fulfilled. Serious news headlines, expressive features, readable text, tiny financial listings, infographics, and everything in between can be capably handled with ease.

Released in 2009, the collection still feels contemporary and has appeared not only on the pages of The Guardian, but also in a Metropolitan Museum Exhibition and on the stage of St.Gallen Theater.

0 The Guardian, 2005. Image courtesy: Mark Porter Associates

Guardian was the first common project of the Commercial Type founders Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes, art directed by Mark Porter. Cyrillic for the Guardian Collection was drawn by Ilya Ruderman (CSTM Fonts) and Guardian Sans was designed with the help of Berton Hasebe and Vincent Chan.

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Guardian Egyptian

Mixing the contemporary with the traditional, the Guardian Egyptian family combines stylish Continental shapes with the no-nonsense proportions of the traditional British Egyptian. Although originally designed for use in newspapers, its wide range of weights make it flexible enough for all types of publication design, corporate identity, and signage systems.

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Guardian Egyptian Text

Taking its basic form from the Egyptian, but with a completely rethought italic, Guardian Egyptian Text works perfectly in smaller sizes and is robust enough to cope with adverse printing. A comprehensive character set, including small capitals, fractions and mathematical symbols, it is perfect for even the most complicated of typographic problems.

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Guardian Sans

While the very lightest and heaviest weights of Guardian Sans have quite a bit of personality, the rest of the family has been designed for respectable neutrality. Its unadorned forms make it a typographic chameleon, able to combine well with a wide range of typefaces.

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Guardian Sans Text

Guardian Text Sans has squarer bowls than the headline version, ensuring that the characters remain very open and readable in text. Its extensive character set, matching the Egyptian Text, will fulfill even the most difficult of typographic tasks, making it especially suited to the problems of complicated information.

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