Grafier and Factor A in Use: Generative Gallery

A gallery that doesn’t need premises showcases digital art in the real life

July 28, 2022

Generative Gallery is an audio-visual project that explores the ways for digital art to go offline. Generative Gallery portfolio offers series of exhibitions, public talks and NFT drops. Most artists Generative Gallery works with speak about timeless problems using media that arrived in the past five years.

The task is similar to the one that Alexander Slobzheninov set himself while working on Grafier — a typeface reinventing classic design in the digital age. The Generative Gallery website uses Grafier next to Factor A by Ilya Naumov — a functional geometric sans serif typeface, although not without certain warmth which is achieved through its rounded forms. The project’s site was designed by Anna Nefiodkina.

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Grafier is a display tool with straight serifs, distinctive flag-terminals, and squarish punctuation. Grafier has ten styles, five weights ranging from Regular to Black in two contrast options, plus a variable font with two axes.


Factor A is a peculiar combination of several type designs of the early 20th century with relatively low contrast and rounded shapes. The typeface comes in six styles, each fitted with italics.

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