Atlas Grotesk in use: Dominiks Gedzjuns. 1956–1961

Forgotten photo archive + double-sided jacket + one of the top ten Cyrillic releases of 2020

January 25, 2022

In 2011, photo enthusiast Toms Zariņš discovered an archive of a very productive, yet almost forgotten Riga-based photographer Dominiks Gedzjuns. In 2019, he showed this archive to designer and typographer Alexey Murashko, and in 2021 together they issued the first book of the series Republika Attēlos (Republic in Images).

The book embraces the photos of daily realities of Soviet-period Latvia (thanks to stochastic print, A technology that, through the irregular structure and rotational speed, helps to achieve the photographic image quality one can see every little detail on those photos), articles about their author, as well as three typefaces: Monotype Plantin (titles), Tiempos by Kris Sowersby (body text), Atlas Grotesk Commercial Type (footnotes and captions).

On the outside you have a double-sided jacket (depending on their political views, a reader can choose whether to look at the statue of Lenin or an idyllic postcard from the 1950s).

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Atlas is a concise sans typeface which inherited an optimistic aesthetic of Dutch Modernism. Cyrillic Atlas that made it to the top ten best releases of 2020, according to the Schrift magazine (aka Type Journal), was designed by CSTM Fonts.

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