Future on Instagram, episode 11

Please welcome our monthly list of accounts forming the beautiful Instagram of the future — as seen by curator of @tomorrow.type.today, Timur Zima.

November 30, 2021


Vera van de Seyp is a designer and creative coder who works with artificial intelligence, doing projects that vary from data-scraping installations to critical browser extensions, typography and languages. For her it is all about finding new ways as a designer to collaborate with algorithms. Vera has worked for clients such as VANS, Serpentine Galleries, NXT Museum Amsterdam. Alongside her practice, she teaches at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague and at ArtEZ in Arnhem.


Tjen Colman started messing around in Photoshop at the age of eight and sparked the interest from there, which led him to get a Bachelor degree in Visual Design and a Masters in Graphic Design. He currently focuses on designs for print, apparel/clothing and music projects and enjoys spending a few hours a week working on typefaces.


Combining CGI with multi-level typographic systems, Christian Horrer — together with music labels, artists and fashion brands — tries to come up with a way to tie together the digital and analogue worlds and find a new use for traditional materials and technologies.


A second year Master’s student at ÉCAL, Charly Derouault says that design has to be a complicated, yet clear system — no matter whether it’s functional or experimental, — and that while working on type one needs to spend as much time on the content of each glyph as they spend on its form.


Ilya Bazhanov (author of FUD Grotesk from type.today storefront and Dusseldot from tomorrow’s) started as a Chelyabinsk-based graffiti artist; now he graduates with a Master degree from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and explores how type and typography exist in animation and 3D.


When in 2016 Jean-Pierre Meier was told that one couldn’t get a bachelor degree without doing an internship, he came to Bureau Borsche — and joined a team that was in charge of the style of the Bavarian State Opera. After his internship he stayed in the Bureau and was in charge of the style of Spike Art Magazine, the Villa Stuck Museum and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Since 2020, Jean-Pierre Meier has been working with Supreme.


Madrid-based Jose Houdini says the most important thing in design is to enjoy the process and never hurry. Following this principle, surprisingly, he manages to combine his work at N-E studio with freelance and personal projects. For Jose it doesn’t matter whether he does a website, a book, or an identity — as long as communication with a customer turns into collaboration, rather than into a series of meaningless edits and revisions.


Louise Lavergne does graphic design at the studio called Atelier Initial, directs music videos at Bonne Came and designs music shows using experimental technology at Station 33 at the same time. ‘It’s just that I’ve stolen the North Face slogan — never stop exploring’, says Louise.

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