Future on Instagram, episode 08

A list of typographic accounts selected by @tomorrow.type.today’s curator Timur Zima that will define your feed for the month to come

September 2, 2021


Visual designer Benoît Ferran based in Bordeaux, France, graduated from ÉSAD Amiens and Sandberg Instituut, The Netherlands. His work focuses on both design and fine art practice. He enjoys developing abstract narratives and new syncretic mythologies through visual explorations.


As a child, Ksenia Milchenko attended an art school in Kherson, Ukraine, — and that is also the place where she received her design education. After that Ksenia moved to Kyiv and began working in advertising. Now Ksenia studies making up pages, posters and typography by embroidering symbols of popular, and not so popular, typefaces on fabric, and hopes that this research method could be of use to other design beginners as well.


Adrien Godin lives and works in Paris. This is where he studied type design at a school called ECV. Since graduating, Adrien has worked pretty much doing art direction for clients ranging from renowned French luxury brands to niche electronic record labels. He is truly passionate about the typographic aspect of any project, whether it is ‘only’ choosing the right font for a book, or doing a fully custom lettering for an album cover.


Lana Arih is a Slovenian freelance graphic designer, currently living and working in Paris, France. In her work, she combines the fields of graphic design and architecture all while paying special focus to typography. She pursued architecture as it merges tangible and abstract thinking, and is not only about stating your social and humorous approach to work. She freely moves from one medium to another, as she believes that our way of communicating must adapt to the idea.


Peter Roeleveld is currently living and studying in Utrecht, The Netherlands, where he is entering graphic design graduation year at the University of Arts in Utrecht. Sees himself as a very young type designer where he is still exploring the beginning. In his type projects, Peter tries to make the concept of a typeface very clear to the viewer’s eye, focusing on the ornamental as well as the functional part.


Juan VaÌzquez is a Spanish graphic designer based in Madrid. In spite of studying communication and film, he got involved in some creative design projects and surrounded himself with people that awakened his interest in design and visual communication. He currently works at Koln Studio in Madrid while developing parallel projects related to electronic music, culture, or fashion. His practice is the result of his firm belief in rules and graphic systems, his casual vision of design and his commitment to mix contemporary and timeless aesthetics.


Coco Lobinger is an independent designer. Her work is about understanding visual communication as her sixth language in the toolkit. She worked and studied in Weimar, Vienna, and Cebu City. Now Coco is based in Leipzig where she continues to study typography.

P.S. Instagram forever


The master of poster art and one of the best known Russian designers Igor Gurovich recently has launched an Instagram account where he shares his works on a daily basis.


An account collecting different variations of the letter A which has essentially become a symbol of typography as a design field.


An account-confession of love for typography — specifically, for a typographical symbol of asterisk.