Future on Instagram, episode 06

tomorrow.type.today co-curator Timur Zima compiled a list of your future subscriptions for the sixth time. (While we hope that tomorrow’s Instagram and Telegram accounts are already in your subscriptions list)

July 1, 2021


"I enjoy watching how far it is possible to take a letter away from its typical construction before it is no longer recognisable." — says Monica Kopka, graphic and type designer living in Belgium. She loves experimenting with form and will often favour that over legibility. Monika loves creating bold typography that has a lot of personality. Even when designing a clean sans serif, it’s important for her to find a way to inject a strong character that sets the font apart from others.


Typography and type design are key elements of Franz-Paul Senftleben’s work. He also works with brand identity, print media, user interfaces, video- and audio production. Franz-Paul focused on versatile and functional, but zeitgeist-driven design.


After three years of studying graphic design in Lille, Marie Ducrocq decided to take on type design. She moved to Paris to get a master’s degree in graphic design with focus on type and typography. In her work, typography is a huge playground where she experiments with shapes, textures, and pushes boundaries of legibility. Elaborating each concept, Marie pushes them to the maximum, at times creating a whole new universe. At the same time her work shows love of minimalistic, simple, and effective design.


Alexandre Crequer is a 20 years old graphic and type designer based in Rennes, France. Thanks to pandemic he had plenty of time to focus on typographic practice — mostly, bespoke modular typography. Today, he finds interest in interpreting songs through custom types and drawing letterforms in unusual places.


Kristian Startari is a graphic designer from Australia. He has a passion for dark music and tries to represent that in his works. Kristian usually combines aggressive type and dark atmosphere with a simple layout, to make the viewer focus on details.


Alessio Borando is a graphic design student and freelancer from Switzerland. His austere, simple style demands perfection in form, color, and typography.


Amsterdam-based agency Pointforward Collective promises to deliver a clear and convincing message to the audience by any means: through a music track, a short film or a new brand identity. The collective describes itself as a result of a global collaboration, bringing together creatives from all over the world and all possible fields.


Hyunjun Jang is a graphic designer based in Basel. His work is mostly based on highly expressive types (sometimes closer to an ornament than a letter), augmented reality, and intense 3D imagery.