Future on Instagram, Episode 05

7 days a week, 365 days a year the designer Timur Zima is busy choosing and creating images for Instagram (and Telegram) account @tomorrow.type.today. And then — once a month — he comes here to share his fresh typographic discoveries.

June 8, 2021


Anja Kaiser is a Leipzig-based teacher, art director and designer who has her own recognisable distinctive style built around the convergence of typography, photography, and 3D.


The projects of a designer and artist named Mikey Joice are practically metamodern. It’s that one second Mikey follows the principles of graphic design, the next he deconstructs them completely. This complicated approach is best illustrated by his work with a band called 100gecs.


Non-linear forms, combining effects and techniques, love for typography, and absolute freedom — all of this can be found in the works of Jimmy Premier, an art director and graphic designer living between Paris and Amsterdam.


Jozef Ondrik from Slovakia not only re-thinks existing typefaces and designs his own, but also holds workshops and talks on graphic design and typography. Besides, Jozef is an author of idea of Bárshocičohokoľvek design fest, and its arranger.


The account of a Czechia-based student Daniel Barek displays not too many works, but his wicked serif ATAK, for example, will surprise even the audience quite experienced visually.


A Paris-based designer called Marine Stephan addresses typography and layouts. In the search for her own style, Marine became interested in type design and today she applies her own typefaces in commercial projects.


A graphic designer Alice Zani organically combines the fine work on typography with the bald art direction. And Alice’ lettering is easily integrated into aesthetics of any kind — from indie album covers to academic museum catalogues.


Adrien Midzic is a designer, co-founder of the foundry PizzaTypefaces. Together with his colleagues, he is re-inventing classic serifs and sans serifs, turning them into bold, contemporary typefaces.