Future on Instagram, episode 1

As our Instagram account @tomorrow.type.today fell victim to a mysterious (and perhaps irrevocable) ban, please follow us on @tomorrowtypetoday. During the pause in our posting we realised that it would be a shame not to share our own subscriptions — which is why from now on each month Timur Zima, curator of our Tomorrow account, will tell you about the most interesting type Instas.

February 2, 2021


Having graduated from Kingston School of Art with BA in graphic design in 2017, Jacob Jan Wise decided to do type and typography. Within a short period of time he already worked with Bureau Borsche, received commissions from Versace and virtual blogger Lil Miquela. Jacob achieves incredible expressiveness and creates unique aesthetics, using his own type works for cutting-edge graphic design.


Margot Lévêque is a French graphic and type designer who earlier studied biology and marketing. Following several projects in Paris and Amsterdam, Margot worked in the New York based Pentagram office under the guidance of Paula Scher. Now she is a freelancer and does music, fashion, and culture-related projects.


Virgile Flores is an independent French art director and graphic designer. Together with other designers he is in charge of visual components of the music label Comic Sans Records. The creation of type and graphic design are bound together in his practice.


Leah Maldonado is a type designer with Fisk Projects graphic design studio, art hub and gallery based in Portland, Oregon. In her work she attaches great importance to communicating with the audience, organizing online events for her followers. Whether it’s webinar, team working on typefaces, or manuals for young type designers — everything is addressed with Leah’s incredible sense of humour.


The French studio CESTAINSI (French for ‘that’s the way it is’) uses all the elements of the classic design tool set at their full power. Every work is riddled with energy and flexibility, all while preserving the integrity of their visual style in both commercial and personal projects. Last year, they launched a wild type storefront called Forge.


Brando Corradini is an Italian graphic designer based in Rome. Corradini is stunningly productive and amazes by the amount of personal projects — they are so many that his Instagram borders on art. And this invites us to look at habitual graphic design from an entirely different perspective.


Alexander Slobzheninov is a Prague-based type designer, author of Grafier typeface from Tomorrow library. During the last two years, he enriched his portfolio by such beautiful typefaces as Relaate, Right Grotesk, Agrandir, and Cyrillic set of Murmur. Alex is amazingly hard-working and daring — not everyone is capable of running a stream video called Designing a font in 2 hours in front of hundreds of viewers. Having worked with the New York studio &Walsh, he is now a member of Pangram Pangram team.


Kristýna Kulíková is a graphic designer from Prague who created her own recognizable graphic style. Skillfully combining sans serif and serif typefaces with three-dimensional elements, Kristýna designs complex, fascinating compositions. Most of her projects have to do with music, museums, 3D art. The signature style of Kulíková is visible in very different sorts of materials, whether it’s a museum poster, a rave invitation, or a Tommy Cash’s street ad.