Future on Instagram, episode 02

After a three-month ban, the original @tomorrow.type.today Instagram account is once again online! So, follow our account and seven more type Instas chosen this month by tomorrow’s account curator, Timur Zima.

March 9, 2021


Jules Durand is a type and graphic designer from south-west of France. The key driver of his practice is an interest in the relationship between language and typography. In his work he uses simple solutions and solid concepts, where the context is crucial for understanding. Jules does type, book, poster, web design and creates identities.


Emma Piercy is a freelancer based in Amsterdam who specializes in interactive design and identities. In her visual language, Emma combines type design’s historic tradition, academic approach, and bold modern solutions.


Paris-based Lou Ranaildo worked with Vogue, IKEA Lab, and Paris Grafik. Her projects are marked by both enthusiasm for fashion and photography and an interest in type and typography. Lou does visual identities, printed publications, web design.


Luca Devinu, designer from Sardinia, finds inspiration in metal and black metal bands. The love for this aesthetics came to Luca from his colleague and mentor Christophe Szpajdel — author of logotypes for Emperor, Metallica, Disgrace. In 2016, Devinu and Szpajdel designed Rihanna’s MTV Video Music Awards show, where they paired underground metal style with pop music.


Viktor Pesotsky studied at the Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design in Saint Petersburg. He began doing type design inspired by works of David Rudnick, Yury Ostromentsky’s experiments, and releases by the French studio Typelab. One of the very few in CIS countries, Pesotsky experiments with type letterforms and Cyrillic. Check out his display works Engin, Eskos and Oskal.


Alexander Dueckminor is one of the most visible ‘Acid Graphic’ designers. Knowledge of lettering, upmaking and 3D allows him to create complex and elaborate works. Nike, Drop Dead, Tiesto are among his customers.


Paris-based designer Charlotte Vard does identities as well as type, magazine and web design. Charlotte is precise and delicate when it comes to shapes and materials. For example, look at her diploma project — re-design of Tarot de Marseille, where she finds innovative and concise solutions for classic cards.