New typeface: Fud Grotesk

Closed (sometimes completely closed) narrow brutalist sans serif with wild ligatures. Designed by Ilya Bazhanov

July 7, 2020

A narrow sans serif, FUD Grotesk was inspired by brutalist architecture and modernist typography. There is a subtle stroke contrast, many inktraps, and even some microserifs (look for them in the main strokes!). Note the closed bowl apertures, exaggerated in the alternate forms, which result in a dense, ornate typeset. Five weights (from Light to Bold), and a large set of discretionary ligatures.

Ilya Bazhanov studies type design at UMPRUM (Prague, Czechia). His Thaw typeface earned a honorable mention at Modern Cyrillic 2019. Another font project of Ilya (with Max Barbulovic), Dusseldot is also available on Tomorrow.

Check out FUD Grotesk here

7 4 10 9 8 5 6 3 2 1

Check out FUD Grotesk here

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