First Prize: An update

24 new styles! From light to narrowed proportions

November 23, 2017

Valery Golyzhenkov’s First Prize typeface has been considerably extended, to include as many as 27 styles! Three bold styles have been complemented by lighter styles and an additional line of narrowed styles. First Prize now comes with enhanced versatility and a wider range of application options.} TT_FirstPrize_New_1 TT_FirstPrize_New_2 TT_FirstPrize_New_3 TT_FirstPrize_New_4 TT_FirstPrize_New_5 TT_FirstPrize_New_6 TT_FirstPrize_New_7 TT_FirstPrize_New_8 TT_FirstPrize_New_9

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