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New typeface: Elma

Joint release with TypeMates: a monospace font and a font with with three fixed widths that gently sneer at contemporary neo-grotesques

November 15, 2022

Elma is a system of two fixed-width typeface families — Elma Mono and Elma Trio. While the Mono family takes the classical monospace approach with one fixed width, the Trio works with three fixed widths to make a mockery of ‘legitimate’ proportional designs.

Elma’s construction is based on a compact Neo Grotesque accented with generous spacing and a broken-curves design. Both families feel equally at home on packaging, in long reads, small captions, big headlines, elaborate bank statements or as the new default font of your favourite text editor. With its wide range of weights, from Extralight to Extrabold, and not just one but two — an Italic and a Slanted — Elma can set the mood, whatever it may be.

With more than 820 glyphs per style, native-approved Cyrillic and a broad Latin character set, Elma speaks more than 270 languages. On top of all that, Elma is packed with a handful of useful alternates, a neat selection of advantageous arrows, more sets of figures than a sane mind should come up with, case-sensitive punctuation and practical contextual alternates to make it an instrumental tool for all typographic needs.

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The author of Elma is Philipp Neumeyer — a TDC and Granshan award-winning type designer. He graduated from the Muthesius Kunsthochschule (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) before completing the postgraduate Type and Media course at the KABK. After some back and forth working for LucasFonts and Playtype, Philipp settled in Berlin where he creates custom and retail typefaces as an independent designer. He is an author of Theodor, Arnold, Rainer, Norbert and Juneau.

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