New Typeface: Displace

New type collection on, a calligraphy-turned-stencil by Denis Serebryakov. Sans and serif, roman and italic, a total of 17 fonts

June 8, 2020

Displace 2.0 is a display font. It belongs to several different type genres, but first and foremost, it is digital calligraphy. Based on the classical broad-nib letterforms, Displace 2.0 is daring and distinctive, with its very own temper and tone of voice. Displace 2.0 has five weights, roman and italic styles.

Displace Serif is an even more display variation of Displace 2.0. The serifs change according to the weight and contrast — in the lighter styles they are slight and delicate, while much bolder and more tangible in the heavier ones. Don’t be surprised not to find serifs everywhere you would expect — the letterforms are still based on broad-nib calligraphy. Displace Serif has five weights, roman styles only.

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Displace is made by Denis Serebryakov, a Minsk-based type designer. Epos, another font by Denis, is on sale on our tomorrow storefront.

displace2.0_full_01 displace2.0_full_06 displace2.0_full_07 displace2.0_full_03 displace2.0_full_05 displace2.0_full_04 displace2.0_full_02 displace2.0_06

displace_serif_01 displace_serif_02 displace_serif_03 displace_serif_04 displace_serif_05 displace_serif_06 displace_serif_07 displace_serif_08 displace_serif_09 displace_serif_10 displace_serif_11 displace_serif_12

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