Loos in use: Dina’s wine

Loos Georgian in the most Georgian medium!

August 11, 2021

Inside — young craft Imeretian Tsolikouri from the collaboration of Dadi Wines and Baia’s Wine. Outside — Loos Light and Extralight. You can find and try all this in the Tbilisi wine bar and shop DADI, but you need to hurry up — the circulation is 300 bottles.

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Loos is a closed-aperture sans serif with an impressive amount of styles: from Compressed to Extended, from Thin to Black and with the inktraps that bring a tangible, analogue feeling into the typeset text. Loos grew out of a cover lettering for Adolf Loos’ book designed by Daria Yarzhambek and Yury Ostromentsky, who also created the labels for Dina’s wine.

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