Loos in use: dev.ge

Analogue sound of the Georgian IT industry news

March 22, 2023

Dev.ge is a media about the life of Georgian IT industry, a part of the dev.media which also includes the dev.ua projects for Ukrainian IT professionals, the bbbl.dev educational platform and an educational courses’ aggregator, courses.thedev.io.

Dev.ge publishes business analytics, announcements, excerpts from scientific research and information about job openings. Loos Georgian is in charge of all typography on the platform: its heavy weights bring expression to the titles, while the lighter ones make body text — with a huge amount of technical terms — easily readable.

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Loos  is a closed-aperture sans serif with an impressive amount of styles, ranging from Compressed to Extended and from Thin to Black. Simple yet distinctive structures, a slight stroke contrast, generous counters and sidebearings make Loos friendly and multi-purpose.

An important Loos’ feature is that it comes with the inktraps that do actually trap ink. Softened (in its fat weights) and thickened (in its thin weights) stroke connections bring the analogue feeling into the text. You can opt for one of four licensing options to buy Loos: Latin and Cyrillic, Latin and Georgian, just the Georgian set, or all three scripts. The typeface was designed by CSTM Fonts. Alexander Sukiasov and Lasha Giorgadze advised Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky on Georgian.

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