CSTM Xprmntl 02 and Loos in use: დეპო

2 styles of Xprmntl 02 + 2 languages

October 24, 2022

Depo is a Tbilisi-based restaurant with a constantly changing menu, regular music nights and film screenings. On its social media, Depot uses the mix of Georgian and English and two typefaces from Xprmntl 02 family, Bold and Italic. Entering the restaurant, its guests see the logo set in Loos. The identity of the restaurant was made by one of its founders Grigory Samgin, and the logo was designed by Yuri Ostromentsky.




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CSTM Xprmntl 02 combines three entirely different typefaces in one family: Regular sans serif with twisted stroke endings, a high-contrast serif Italic with deliberately straightened diagonal glyphs, brutal Bold sans serif with reverse contrast of strokes and proportions. All the fonts of the family work perfectly well together — but do not get lost when alone.


Loos is a closed aperture sans serif by CSTM Fonts with the wide style palette ranging from Compressed to Extended, from Thin to Black. Simple yet distinctive structures, a slight stroke contrast, generous counters and sidebearings make the font much friendlier than you might think when you first see it. Beyond Latin and Cyrillic, Loos supports Georgian script. Georgian Loos was advised by Aleksandr Sukiasov and Lasha Giorgadze.

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