New typeface: Dala Floda

The family has grown considerably with the addition of an italic and a range of heavier weights, all the way up to a fat weight

December 19, 2017

Dala Floda has its roots in the typefaces of the Renaissance but adds the twist of being a stencil letterform. Originally inspired by worn gravestone lettering and lettering on shipping crates, the elegance of the forms belies their everyday origins.

First designed in 1997 for a logotype, Dala Floda eventually became the headline typeface for the art magazine Frieze in 2005. Since then the family has grown considerably with the addition of an italic and a range of heavier weights, all the way up to a fat weight. Its stencil form makes it well suited for headline use and especially for logotypes. The swashes are particularly noteworthy, bringing something unique and unexpected to the stencil category.

The Cyrillic version of Dala Floda was designed by Ilya Ruderman (CTSM Fonts) in 2016.} TT_DalaFlodaCitys TT_DalaFloda_Ya TT_DalaFloda_Styles TT_DalaFloda_RusUkr TT_DalaFloda_Numbers TT_DalaFloda_M TT_DalaFloda_Languages TT_DalaFloda_K TT_DalaFloda_CodeP TT_DalaFloda_Body TT_DalaFloda_BLZh TT_DalaFloda_Ampersand

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