Transgender Grotesk in use: Maria. Radium. Polonium

Type Design Workshop project + Typomania School project

July 25, 2023

While studying at Typomania School, Maria Kasatkina from Arzamas decided to create a book based on one part of the Marie Curie Wikipedia article. However, eventually, this some kind of professional biography uses only its short section called Legacy along with some fragments from Curie’s personal diaries and several stories about the elements she discovered.

The titles and half-titles are set in Transgender Grotesk by Alexander Cherepanov, while the text itself and the book cover use Wremena by Roman Gornitsky.

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Transgender Grotesk is a sharp, somewhat edgy sans serif typeface that comes in just one weight, created at Maria Doreuli’s Type Design Workshop. Designed for medium and large sizes, it works great in titles. Transgender Grotesk supports extended Latin and Cyrillic and features three stylistic sets.

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