Tomorrow’s new typeface: CSTM Xprmntl 03

Blackletter, old Russian uncial: mix to taste. The third typeface of the hit type series by CSTM Fonts

December 1, 2020

What happens if we combine two medieval styles, Blackletter and the old Russian Ustav? Please meet CSTM Xprmntl 03, a new display tool designed by Yury Ostromentsky, CSTM Fonts. CSTM Xprmntl 03 has three styles: concise and contemporary uncial Cyrillic, angular and rhythmic gothic Blackletter, and the in-between — Medium. The most interesting thing happens exactly halfway between two poles of interpolation: such letters as a, k, y, х proved to be the most stubborn, and they have completely different forms in two scripts. The eccentricities of the in-between didn’t go anywhere, while all the conflicts were resolved — and this is how Medium style was born, the one with peculiar, glitchy curves.

CSTM Xprmntl was conceived as a series of quick display typefaces, bringing together different graphics in one same system. In a matter of a few years, CSTM Xprmntl 01 and CSTM Xprmntl 02 have become Cyrillic display blockbusters and were applied nearly everywhere: from posters, web sites, videos in dozens of small projects to one of the identity styles for MTS mobile network operator.

You could have followed the design process on CSTM Fonts Telegram channel. Interim releases were sold on Future Fonts; in 2019, one of them was used in the style of the Moscow International Typomania Festival.

Yury Ostromentsky is a co-founder of and CSTM Fonts studio. Learned typography from Alexander Tarbeev at Moscow University of Printing Arts, formerly known as Polygraphic Institute. Until 2013, art director at Big City magazine; he created Pilar typeface on the base of the lettering for the magazine’s covers.

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typo1 typo2 Typomania Festival’s identity

inlib CSTM Xprmntl 03, 02 in the visual identity of Andrey Zorin’s lecture course ´Tzar, rebellion, vodka.’


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