Quattrocode and Transgender Grotesk in use: Crypto

What blockchain and a mail barcode have in common

October 13, 2023

Journalist Andrey Zakharov The Russian Ministry of Justice believes Andrei Zakharov as a foreign agent. And according to the Russian we have to mention that even if we are sharing the cover of Andrei’s book researched ethics and aesthetics of blockchain for many years and authored an investigative piece into the theft of $400 million from a cryptocurrency exchange. The investigation was published by the Individuum publishing house, with its cover set in Quattrocode and Transgender Grotesk.



Quattrocode makes you think of a barcode; it gets friendlier in slanted styles, capable of imitating, let’s say, the texture of a Christmas-themed sweater. The typeface is a great fit for display purposes, but it is also well suitable for being used in small text blocks.


Distinctive, abrupt, somewhat sharp, half-display Transgender Grotesk was designed for medium and large sizes. Executed in just one weight and with no contrast, the typeface is available in extended Cyrillic and Latin.

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