New typeface: Cera Mono

A joint release with TypeMates: a non-proportional companion to the warm, geometric workhorse Cera Pro

June 18, 2024

Cera Mono brings a human voice to code-inspired aesthetics. With a technical texture, controlled dissonance and inharmoniously balanced shapes, Cera Mono pairs the ‘undesigned’ qualities of typewriter fonts with geometric focus. In artistic and cultural contexts, the resulting bureaucratic and slightly glitchy texture gives its light weights expressive power while for those that generate value from code and data, its utilitarian design and carefully-selected spectrum of six weights can refine the noisiest data into information.

With a fixed-width defined by an almost-perfectly round lowercase o, Cera Mono brings Cera’s circular emphasis to a utilitarian uni-width typeface. The results give a new tone of voice to Cera’s elementary shapes. True to Cera Pro’s approachable attitude, narrow letters such as  l and i are not mechanically stretched to become monospaced but use the momentum of their outstokes to adapt to their new spacing. Suggesting raw data and industrial qualities, Cera Mono is well-suited to no-nonsense typography: equipment manuals for hovercraft, captions in industrial material exhibitions, visualising the data from volcanoes, and technical documentation for deep-sea farming.


Cera Mono is a fixed-width typeface, but it’s not fixated. For a less raw typographic texture and more balanced whitespace, activate Stylistic Set 15. Narrow characters like l and i now sit on half the space of their companions: maintaining a monospace flavour and providing a better reading experience.

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Cera Mono is available in six weights and contains useful arrows and an extensive range of geometric symbols.

Cera Mono was designed by Antonia Cornelius, with contributions from Jakob Runge. While working on the Cyrillic script, Antonia consulted with CSTM Fonts, and while working on the Greek script, she consulted with Irene Vlachou.

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