Normalidad in use: Bone Music

A mechanistic grotesque telling the story of one tricky recording mechanics

August 29, 2023

In 2017, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art hosted an exhibition illustrating the Soviet practice of illegally recording banned Western music on X ray films. The show had no catalogue and Tasya Degtyar, a student of Higher School of Economics Art and Design School, decided to fix this by her project. The book she made tells about the objects on display in the exhibition and even shares an X Ray recording DIY technique. The typography is serviced by Normalidad designed at CSTM Fonts.

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Normalidad is a mechanistic semi-closed sans serif with a vast amount of styles. A wide range of widths (from Compact to UltraExtended) and weights (from Thin to Black) make it a really convenient and versatile tool. As this family features super display styles as well as quiet UX/UI options, it can easily cater the most various needs.

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