Atlas Grotesk in use: BentoML

A Modernist sans and AI

February 20, 2024

BentoML is a software tool intended for writing apps with built-in artificial intelligence. The library features a set of models trained on different types of data, but each developer can upload their own model. BentoML was already used to develop a voice assistant, an image editor, and an app for analysing x-rays.

Headings on the project website are set in Replica from the Lineto collection, while Atlas Grotesk by Commercial Type is used for its subheadings and body text.







Atlas Grotesk was originally designed for Munich Re, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies. The typeface deliberately avoids the latest trends of corporate type and embraces the clear, optimistic visual tone of Dutch Modernism instead. Atlas collection includes a monospaced sans serif face, Typewriter.

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