Styrene in use: ANTHROP\C

Artificial intelligence that looks human

April 4, 2024

Anthropic develops AI-powered tools and safety protocols for them. The company is trying to distance themselves from a technological, somewhat intimidating visual style of modern neural networks and seeking to make designs of their products friendlier. For instance, they share photos of their favourite meals on the page of Claude Anthropic AI assistant and a chat with Claude is visually nearly the same as any other messenger chat.

Styrene by Berton Hasebe is applied to the website headlines and subheadings, Tiempos by Klim Type Foundry is used for body text.







A sans serif named Styrene is an experiment exploring proportion. Typically narrow, these f, j, r, t are extended and squarish. The Styrene collection is made up of two families: a more geometrical, wide A, and a narrower, succinct B. The Cyrillic set was designed by Ilya Ruderman.

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