Rene in use: ALEA

A modular serif in a book about a modular kind of music

June 20, 2024

ALEA is a student zine by Polina Ovchinnikova. The project addresses the so-called aleatoric music (also aleatory music), a technique used by some composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. In aleatory pieces, some elements of the musical score — notes, pauses, tempo — are left to chance, changing in the process of composition as well as during the performance.

The book’s headers, subheaders, and page headers use Rene by Fedor Abroskin from tomorrow’s storefront; body text is typeset in Bitum designed by Gayaneh Bagdasaryan and Vyacheslav Kirilenko.






Rene is a display serif with flat serifs and exaggerated ink traps, built within a grid of rounded rectangles. An almost classic skeleton coexists with bright bit-mapped texture, upright and static lowercases stay next to a little bit crazy italic uppercase characters.

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