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Pilar in use: Libo/Libo

From the «Big city» to podcasting

September 13, 2008

Libo/Libo podcast studio has been using just Futura for its website and social media for four years, but this spring the studio launched a Telegram channel where they use Pilar CSTM Fonts in illustrations. First version of Pilar was designed for Bolshoy Gorod (BigCity) magazine, the editor-in-chief of which was Katya Krongauz, Libo/Libo co-founder.

Cards for Why we are still alive? podcast

Cards for Interview podcast

Cards for Harbin podcast

Cards for Harbin podcast


Pilar is a geometric sans serif with four options for each symbol: Regular Open, Wide Closed, Narrow, Wild. The typeface was designed by Yury Ostromentsky in 2012, redesigned and completed in 2016 by CSTM Fonts studio.

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