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  1. Previewing and testing fonts provides several options to test our collection online. More than that, our site is based on that feature — you can type and test all fonts on each page. Every font comes with a PDF specimen, so download it to better evaluate our fonts.

    Another way to test our fonts is to buy one. You can buy a single style of the font, test it yourself, then upgrade to a full package. We will deduct the price of the single style from the price of the full package.

    If none of the above options suit your needs, we can also send you a custom PDF with a test setting of fonts. Please send us your InDesign or Illustrator files with your text, specified sizes and the list of fonts youʼd like to try. We will set the provided sample in our fonts and send you back the PDF.

    In some rare cases, for clients with references (usually newspaper or magazine designers), we provide a test licence.

  2. Fontstand

    Many typefaces from our collection are available at Fontstand. You may now test both Cyrillic and Latin versions of all Custom fonts studio's typefaces. Also you may rent Commercial Type studio's Latin vertions.