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Licensing, in brief

A font is a copyright product, just like a piece of music, a song, or a poem. Every font has an author, whose rights are sacred. It’s only the author who holds full rights to a font, its modification and extension. A license is a permission to use a copyright product in one’s projects. With a license, the author allows to use a font — always on certain conditions and usually on paid basis. Please, do read the License section to avoid violating the conditions. Attention: fonts on and tomorrow have different licenses!
  1. What is a EULA?

    Majority of software, and fonts are no exception, come with an End User Licence Agreement (EULA). Each software comes with its own terms, explaining what is and isn’t allowed when using the fonts. For example, the EULA specifies that you can use licensed fonts for an unlimited amount of time, but that you cannot give the fonts to people who donʼt have a licence to use them. You must agree to the EULA before buying and using our fonts.

  2. Who needs to license fonts?

    Our fonts are a type of software, which means that everyone who uses them needs to have a licence (EULA). If a designer is making a project for the client, it is the designer who needs to purchase the font license. If the client plans on using the fonts, then, a separate licence for the client needs to be purchased as well.

  3. How the licence works:

    Please read our End User Licence Agreement, agreeing to it makes you legally liable, if you do not follow through. Pay attention to the following:

    1. The standard licence gives font usage permission to a single user. An upgraded licence that covers multiple users is necessary for any additional persons.
    2. When you purchase the license, you only purchase the right to use the fonts. The fonts remain the exclusive property of and its original creators (designers).
    3. You can back up the font data, (in fact, your online account has a backup of the latest font versions), but you may not modify the fonts in any way.
    4. If the fonts do not work, we will replace them.
    5. You may not create other fonts based on our fonts. You also may not sell or rent modified versions of our fonts.
    6. If you plan to embed the fonts in games or other software, you will need a special license to do so.
    7. Fonts may be embedded into PDF and Flash files for free, but you must set embedding to prevent font extraction.
    8. All fonts are copyrighted and protected by our and it’s designer trademark.
    9. If you violate these terms, the EULA will be terminated and you will lose the legal permission to use our fonts.
    10. You may transfer the font licence to a third party if he or she agrees to the licensing conditions in writing. In return, you must destroy your copies of the fonts and confirm it in writing as well.
    11. We cannot guarantee that the fonts will be appropriate for your projects.
  4. User’s Rights

    As a licensed user, you may use the fonts for all your projects as long as you comply with the licence agreement. offers various font licences for various applications. There is no limit to the media that you use. Our fonts may be used in print, in video, on a website, etc.

    Please note that it is prohibited to distribute the fonts to third parties. You may not place our font data on a server with third party access, but you may upload PNG, GIF or JPG images.

  5. How many reproductions

    You may create one project or one hundred projects, using our licensed fonts. There are no restrictions.

  6. Time

    You can use the fonts that purchase at any time, there is no expiration date on licensed font usage.

  7. Backup

    Your account functions as a free online backup, because you may download the fonts you’ve purchased at any time. You are allowed to make one backup copy of your own.

  8. Font modification

    You may not modify our fonts in any way, but we are willing to customize a font for you, for an additional charge. Please inquire directly.

  9. PDF embedding

    You may embed our fonts in PDF documents, as long as you’ve set embedding to prevent fonts’ extraction and you’ve used font subsetting.