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Custom Type

  1. Custom Fonts

    Custom type may include modifications of our retail fonts, creation of different language versions of our fonts (extending an existing language support), or entirely new fonts made to fit your needs. The price of custom type fonts will be determined by the time that it takes to actually make it and the licensing fee, which will also depend on the client’s request.

    There are three different custom license options:

    • Non-exclusive licence (the custom typeface can be used by other people);
    • Partially-exclusive licence (fonts are exclusive only for a limited period of time, e.g. 1 or 5 years);
    • Exclusive licence (the client buys out the rights to the fonts forever).

    We recommend the partially-exclusive licence, strictly to be frugal. Purchasing all rights to a typeface may get rather expensive, but the likelihood that it will be used for more than a few years, is slim to none in our ever-changing world.

  2. Font customization

    There are special situations, in which we will be able to customise our fonts for you.

    For example: If a certain font is perfect for your project, but you require one different letter, or a character. In that case, can design and implement alternatives based on your needs.

    In addition to the cost of the standard licence which you have probably already paid, you will also be charged the costs of these modifications. Contact us with your special requests.

    Since fonts are protected by copyright law and licence agreements, we canʼt modify other type designer’s fonts but we can help you to get in touch with’s designers.